Here and now

Here and now

By Veronica Orozco @verozco

Translated by Juliana Achury (Craftisan Translations LLC)

A couple of days ago I got a beautiful email. It came from Laura, a new friend of mine who feels like life-long one. In it, she told me how brave she thought I was because of the decisions I had been taking lately; she also mentioned and that the song “Ir” (to go) by Marlango, attached to the email, reminded her of me.

As I enjoyed and felt proud of the song I had just been gifted I started to think: “Am I as brave as they are lately telling I am? And why brave?” I have always thought that the really brave are the ones facing super villains in epic battles, or those jumping from airplanes millions of feet up high, or the ones sleeping in haunted houses. People who fearlessly do amazing things and, to be sincere, my own reality can’t be more distant from than that.

But then, what it is that I do that makes me seem brave in the eyes of others? If none of my acts are supernatural or even complicated, but just the result of living the life I chose to live, why do I appear as brave? And then it hit me. Something really obvious that I had overlooked: when you listen to yourself and act accordingly to your feelings, everything you do looks less like an achievement and more like a natural act. I find no heroism in quitting my comfortable life for the sake of my happiness. But if I break down my actions into divorcing/quitting an unhappy job/ changing careers/and moving to another country, there I can see it all like a battle against ten super villains while jumping from an airplane inside a haunted house, even though the only thing I did was to start being the person I always wanted to be.

In the end, that’s the only courage we need, the one that makes us uncomfortable and pushes us to go in search of what we really want; the courage that forces us to stop delaying our happiness and shakes off the comfort out our lives. We live numb and in a lethargic state, forgetting that the only thing we really have is right now, and so we keep on looking outside the window, postponing the moment to be happy when the truth is that there is no “later”.

It shouldn’t be outstanding to see someone transform her life in the pursuit of happiness. It should be common. We spend our lives postponing the choices that will take us outside our comfort zone because that’s where we don’t have to make any efforts, taking solace in “I’ll try it tomorrow”. But you know what? There is no tomorrow. We have to be happy now so we can be happy forever.


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  1. Hola Véronica, sos súper tesa y escribís muy bien en español. Me siento identificada con muchas cosas con las que dices. No te tomes a mal éste comentario, pero deberías dedicarle un poco más de tiempo a editar tus textos en inglés. Por ejemplo en inglés no se toman decisiones- you make decisions- muchas de las oraciones que escribes son muy largas para la estructura gramatical del inglés o lo que se conoce como: run-on sentences. Este comentario no lo escribo con el ánimo de criticar u ofender, sino por el contrario para que sigas mejorando tu escritura. Disculpa si te incomoda.

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